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Summer Swim Lessons

Summer Swim Lesson Registration

  • Sign up for as many sessions as you like.
  • Determine your child’s level with lesson descriptions and use the lesson time chart and session dates to make your choice.
  • You can register on April 20th at open house from 12:00-1:30 at the Orangevale Community Center 


Advance registration is required for all swim lessons and space is limited!

Registration Dates:
  • IN PERSON at the Orangevale Open House April 20th
  • May 6th for all Orangevale residents
  • May 9th for all other residents


Lessons meet Mon-Thu for eight 30-minute classes

  • Session 1 June 10-20
  • Session 2 June 24-July 3
    • 1st week M-F | 2nd week M-W
  • Session 3 July 8-18
  • Session 4 July 22-August 1

Private/ Semi Private Swim Lessons Ages: 3+

One-on-one instruction is determined by the individual’s needs. If you have two students of the same swim level, you may register them for a semi-private lesson. You must provide both students for semi-private lessons.

Tadpole Ages: 6 months-2 years

Parents, teach your child to feel more relaxed and comfortable in the water. Instructors teach basic skills emphasizing orientation and safety. Infants must be able to hold head up. A parent must accompany the child in the water.

Frog Ages: 2-3

Parents are assisted by an instructor on enabling their child to feel comfortable in the water, learn breath control, flutter kick and prone floats. This class is for children who are not ready to be in a class by themselves with an instructor and have completed Tadpoles. A parent must accompany the child in the water.

Guppy Ages: 3-5

Teaches your child to feel comfortable in the water, learn breath control, flutter kick, underwater swimming, front float and combination arm and kick movements.

Minnow Ages: 3-5

Preschoolers advance to back float, prone kick glide, side breathing, increased underwater exploration, enhanced arm and kick movements both on front and back.

Otter Ages: 5-7

Students need to feel comfortable in the water. Previous lessons not required for enrollment. Skills taught: hold breath for 3 seconds, submerging and retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool, float, glide, breathing, flutter kick, crawl stroke and turning over in water.

Seal Ages: 5-14

Enrollees have completed Otter, have had previous lessons, or can perform the skills listed under Otter. Skills taught: jumping into deep water, perfecting crawl stroke and back crawl, elementary back stroke kick and safety skills.

Stingray Ages: 5-14

Enrollees must swim 15 yards using front/back crawl stroke with correct breathing. Skills taught: front and back crawl, perfecting elementary back stroke, breast and side strokes, deep water bobbing, treading water, diving and safety skills.

Dolphin Ages: 5-14

A class for swimmers who have learned the crawl, breast, side and elementary back strokes and diving techniques. Enrollees must be able to swim 25 yards using front and back crawl, and elementary back stroke. Skills taught: stroke refinement, increased endurance, butterfly stroke introduced, underwater swimming and turns.

Shark Ages: 5-14

Enrollees who have passed Dolphin and are ready for advanced swim training. Must be able to swim 50 yards using front and back crawl, and 15 yards using side and breast strokes. Skills taught: polishing all strokes to improve efficiency, power, and ease over greater distances, front flip turn, pike and tuck surface dives, and treading water.

Swim lesson schedule showing classes like Tadpole, Frog, Guppy at different times at Orangevale Community Pool.

Swim Lesson Fees Group Lesson Fee: $68 / $73 NR

Private Lesson: $140 / $150 NR

Semi-Private Lesson: $85 / $90 NR per person