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Future Instructors Information

OVparks utilizes Independent Contract Instructors to provide recreational services to our community. Programs may be designed for people of all ages. Thank you for your interest in becoming an independent contract instructor. We look forward to working together to reach common goals and to serve our community.

The following information is intended for current instructors and those who may be interested in becoming instructors. Instructor applications and class renewal forms are available to the right. Please submit your class ideas to

Overview of Approval Process 
  1. You (the instructor) propose a course activity. There is an Independent Class Contractor Application and Class Proposal Application in this handbook that you will complete both and submit to OVparks.
  2. Staff will review the proposal and assess the content of the course/activity to determine if it meets the District’s mission, vision, and goals, as well as community needs. You may be contacted for a more detailed discussion at this point.
  3. If approved by OVparks, you will meet with Recreation staff to determine the specific design and delivery of the course or activity in regards to facility suitability and availability, fee structure, time frames, minimum and maximum participant levels, age ranges, course descriptions, etc.
  4. Once OVparks and the Independent Contract Instructor enter into an agreement, a written contract will then be produced, stating specifically the course programs and terms that you are agreeing to. A sample contract is provided in this handbook.
Contract Instructor Requirements 


All Contract Instructors and assistants must be fingerprinted by the specific location approved by OVparks. OVparks agrees to cover fingerprint the DOJ portion of the fees for one instructor per contract and the instructor will be responsible for the rolling fee, typically $15. If further help is needed the Contract Instructor will be responsible for all fees (DOJ & rolling), typically around $50 per individual. Please note these fees may change. When your proposal is accepted, contact the Recreation Office for fingerprinting procedures.


The Orangevale Recreation & Park District does not withhold State or Federal Income Tax, but does report income paid to instructors via IRS Form 1099 through Sacramento County.


The Orangevale Recreation & Park District is a member of a self-insured insurance pool known as CAPRI. CAPRI is the insurance company for the District and not for people or businesses with whom we contract. This insurance will not defend or pay out on claims brought against a contractor of the District.

It is important to understand that your contract with the Orangevale Recreation & Park District is as an instructor of a class or activity. It does not in any way provide insurance coverage for you as an independent contractor. Therefore, if any liability claim were to occur against you and the District, you would be responsible for defending yourself, and potentially paying a claim brought against you.

To protect yourself, obtain liability insurance. Contact OVparks staff at (916) 988-4373 for information on purchasing insurance. CAPRI has given the District’s guidelines for those types of classes for which an instructor should be required to provide insurance. A judgment is made based on the potential for exposure (a claim), based on a common-sense approach. The District will work with you to let you know if you are required to carry insurance. Any Contractor not actually required to carry insurance should still evaluate his or her own circumstance before deciding whether or not to carry liability insurance.

Policies and Procedures 


Although they are not District employees, Contract Instructors represent the District and as such must conduct themselves in a professional manner; this includes dressing and speaking professionally, and supporting the OVparks policies, procedures, and decisions.

Contract Instructors are to maintain a professional relationship with participants and parents of minor participants at all times.


All program offerings are listed in our tri-annual Activity Guide, which is direct-mailed to over 12,000 homes in the 95662 zip code. The guide also is available online (, in the OVparks office, and at numerous other locations in Orangevale. Information also will be published periodically in the local newspaper, our website, facebook, twitter, Instagram. Periodically OVparks staff will create ‘group’ program flyers to be made available in the OVparks office. Group program flyers will have multiple class listings. If instructors want individual class flyer they can utilize the provided template by OVparks via Microsoft Publisher. All flyers must be produced in the template and be approved by staff before distribution.

Program sessions will be timed to coincide with publication and mailing dates of the Activity Guide. Class Contract Instructor Renewal Addendums must be completed by the deadlines specified below in order to allow time for layout, editing, printing, and mailing. If Class Contract Instructor Renewal Addendums are not received in the time-frame specified by the OVparks staff the class may not be listed in the next upcoming issue. Any class continuation information not submitted on a Class Contract Instructor Renewal Addendum form will not be accepted.

  • Winter/Spring: For programs occurring January through May
    Mailed end of December
    Contractor agreements must be completed by October 15th
  • Summer: For programs occurring May through September
    Mailed end of April
    Contractor agreements must be completed by January 15th
  • Fall: For programs occurring September through December
    Mailed end of August
    Contractor agreements must be completed by June 15th


All registrations will take place at or through the OVparks office; online registration is available for classes that have one simple fee, as of 1/2014. No money should be collected by the Instructor. If participants have not paid or signed the required registration/waiver form, they are not allowed to participate. Please note that there may be some registration forms that need to be signed at the start of your program. Staff will provide blank registration forms for these individuals and email participant names. It is the instructors’ responsibility to ensure every participant is registered for their class as well as signed a registration form prior to participation. Instructors may drop off forms at our drop off box, office, or scan and email them.


It is the sole responsibility of the Instructor to obtain a class roster on or prior to the first day of each class session. Rosters can be obtained from OVparks staff by any of the following methods: Come into the OVparks office during regular business hours to pick it up. Contact office staff ahead of time so it can be printed and waiting for you. Call the OVparks office and request that your roster be faxed or e-mailed to you. If your class is to be held on District property contact the OVparks office and request a roster to be email.

It is the Instructor’s responsibility to review the roster every day of each class. If a person is not on the class roster, they may not participate in the class, regardless of what type of class/program is being offered. The Instructor must inform the individual that he/she must first register with the OVparks office prior to participating. This policy applies to new as well as returning participants. It is a good idea to remind class participants towards the end of a session of their responsibility to properly enroll in the next session. If a registered participant is on the roster and has not shown to class within the first two classes, it is the Instructor’s responsibility to notify OVparks. The District will NOT pay any instructor/contractor for a participant that has not participated in his or her course.

The only exception to this policy would be if the individual properly enrolled in the class after the Instructor had already received the roster. In this case, the participant will be instructed by OVparks’ staff to take his/her registration receipt to the first class, as the Instructor will require it prior to participation. If the participant is not on the roster and does not bring a receipt, they will not be allowed to participate. If Instructors want an updated roster, you may obtain it via any of the methods mentioned on the previous page.


Please use the class roster to record and track attendance for each class. OVparks staff may need you to verify attendance of participants.


Instructors are encouraged to distribute Class/Program Evaluation forms to participants and return them to the OVparks office. Evaluation forms are available in the OVparks office and one is included in this handbook (page 8) for your use. OVparks also reserves the right to audit any course offered through the District from time to time.


In the event a class needs to be canceled, the Instructor must immediately contact OVparks three business days prior to the start of the program. It is the responsibility of the Instructor to contact class participants regarding any cancellations or rescheduling. If the cancellation is initiated by OVparks, the District will, after informing the Instructor, contact program participants. If a class is cancelled and not rescheduled, due to the Instructor’s request, a $2 fee will be assessed for processing each participant’s refund. Due to refund fees OVparks also requests that classes not be prorated but rather rescheduled.


Contract Instructors will receive payment once the class has been completed and the instructor has billed OVparks for his or her said services. On page 13 there is a sample invoice to follow when invoicing. Please make sure that your invoice has all the same standard information prior to submitting the document otherwise it may not be processed. Instructors are not permitted to bill for the $3 non-resident fee and can only bill for the contracted amount the class is listed for. The standard agreement between the Independent Contractor and the District is a 60%/40% split of program fees. The District retains 40% of program fees and all non-resident and late fees, unless otherwise negotiated. Should the percentage need to be re-negotiated by either party, adjustment to this basic percentage split will be made accordingly.

    The Orangevale Recreation & Park District has a scholarship program for qualified youth. The District may ask the Contractor Instructor to participate in the scholarship program; participation is not mandatory.


As a Contract Instructor, it is your primary responsibility to ensure the safety of participants involved with your activity. You are advised to visually inspect your program site and promptly report any hazards or unsafe conditions to OVparks.

It is the responsibility of Contract Instructors to have a First Aid kit on hand at all times. In the event an accident or injury occurs during one of your programs, you must complete the Report of Accidental Injury to Public on District Property form located in this handbook (page 9) and submit it to OVparks office within 24 hours of the event.

If a minor participant has not been picked up from any class or program at its conclusion, it is the responsibility of the Instructor to call any phone numbers listed on the class roster to attempt to reach a responsible adult for pick-up. If, after 30 minutes, no parent/guardian has arrived and you have not been able to reach anybody by telephone, you are to call the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department for assistance: (874-5115). After contacting the Sheriff’s Dept. then notify your program contact with OVparks. Never release a child to someone who is unknown to the child or to whom the child expresses fear or uncertainty.

Closing/securing facilities: When leaving, the Instructor must ensure that all doors are locked securely, alarms set, and all lights and air conditioning are turned off. If other Contract Instructors are present, please notify them of your departure.


It is important to maintain a clear line of communication between the District and the Instructor. As an Independent Contractor, if you have any questions, concerns, or issues regarding your program, your first point of contact is either the Coordinator or Supervisor who oversees your program.


The ADA is federal legislation that gives Civil Rights protection to individuals with disabilities, similar to those rights provided to individuals based on race, sex, national origin, and religion. It guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in employment, public accommodations, transportation, local and state government services, and telecommunications.

It is the policy of the Orangevale Recreation & Park District to fully comply with the provisions of the ADA, and make reasonable accommodations to individuals with vision or hearing impairments or other disabilities so they have equal opportunity to participate or benefit, unless an undue burden would result. Public accommodations may not discriminate against an individual or entity because of the known disability of an individual with whom the public entity or its representatives is known to have a relationship or association.


Discrimination and harassment can be defined as any behavior that is disrespectful and causes discomfort to another person, be it physical, verbal, visual, or sexual. Contract Instructors are responsible for their own actions and conduct, and must never engage in discrimination or harassment.

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