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Building/Room Rentals

Building Room Rental Application.pdfORPD Fee Schedule 24 Building.Room Fees2.pdfORPD Fee Schedule 24 Building.Room Fees.pdf

Reservation Policies and Procedures

OVparks offers a variety of building and room rentals for business meetings, private receptions, fundraisers, special events, social clubs, dramatics, meetings, and community gatherings. Building and room rentals are available subject to District approval and pursuant to compliance with all regulations governing the use of the facilities.  District facilities are NOT available for open to the public pay-at-the-door dances or parties.

Rooms AvailableSizeCapacity
Community Center Auditorium60' x 90'Dining Max: 300   Assembly Max: 700
Community Center Meeting Room 35' x 57'Dining Max: 100    Assembly Max: 150
Community Center Classroom22' x 18'Max: 25 
Activity Building28' x 48'Dining Max: 80   Assembly Max: 150
Youth Center43' x 23'Max: 50
Building 1 Hall/Stage 35' x 58'Dining Max: 90   Assembly Max: 200
Building 2 Meeting Room25' x 35'Dining Max: 50   Assembly Max: 100

Convenience Items Available 

The following items are available for your convenience at certain locations for an additional fee: Coffee Pots, Video Projector, Screen (16’), Television w/ DVD, and Sound Equipment w/ Microphone.

Available Dates

Rentals are available seven days a week. OVparks facilities are closed on all major holidays.

Hours of Operation

Rentals are available for use Sunday through Thursday, 7am-11pm. Friday and Saturday 7am-12 midnight. Youth (under 21) oriented events will be available for use 7am-11pm. All set up and clean up must be completed within these hours.

Reservation Applications & Payment

To make a reservation:

  • The applicant shall be over 21 years or older (proof of age may be required).
  • The applicant shall complete the Building/Room Rental application.
  • The applicant shall pay the security/cleaning deposit.
  • Payment in full is due 60 days prior to event.
  • If a reservation is made less than 60 days prior to event, the total reservation fees are due at time of reservation. Reservation subject to availability of staff.
  • The applicant shall be responsible for knowing and abiding by all set-up and clean-up responsibilities, insurance, security, and permit requirements and payment deadlines
  • Reservations will be accepted up to one year in advance.

Any applicant, group, or organization wishing to reserve multiple dates for a series of events, such as weekly or monthly meetings may reserve a maximum of 6 dates per application. No reservations will be accepted without a completed Building/Room Rental Application and the payment of required fees.

Fees and Deposits

To secure your reservation, deposit fees are required. The remaining balance and any additional fees are due 60 days prior to the event. Fees will not be returned for reserved time not used. Fees may be paid by cash, check, or Visa/MasterCard. No checks will be accepted within 60 days of the event.

Required Insurance

See Insurance Requirements for Facility Rentals information sheet.


Cancellations of reservations will be subject to the following conditions and fees:

  • More than 60 days in advance, Orangevale Recreation & Park District will retain a $25 Cancellation Fee.
  • 30-60 days in advance, Orangevale Recreation & Park District will retain 50% of rental fee.
  • Less than 30 days in advance, Orangevale Recreation & Park District will retain 100% of rental fee.

A written statement of cancellations must be made before any refunds will be processed. Refunds for cancellations and/or deposits take approximately four (4) weeks for processing. In case of emergency, Orangevale Recreation & Park District reserves the right to cancel a scheduled event without liability. Full refunds will be made if cancellation is necessary. Priority shall be given to any event so cancelled.

Services Provided

A Facility Host will be on duty during the entire event. The Host will open and close the facility, provide information and direction, and control equipment. The Host will NOT be available to serve, decorate, or be involved in the event.

Only Orangevale Recreation & Park District staff shall adjust air conditioning/heating units, lighting, PA systems, or any other equipment, electrical or mechanical, in the facility. Staff will be available at all times to assist the renter. All District Staff, including the Facility Host, is authorized to enforce all facility use rules and regulations. Delivery and pick up of supplies or equipment will not be allowed prior to beginning time of rental or after the indicated ending time. Any food left in the refrigerators will be disposed of after the event. STORAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE BEFORE OR AFTER EVENT. Tables and chairs are provided and will be set up and taken down by District Staff. Set up diagrams must be submitted at least one week prior to the event.


All decorations must be UL approved (flame retardant). The use of nails, tacks, regular masking tape, duct tape, scotch tape, staples, pins, etc. is NOT permitted. A certain type of masking tape (blue/painters) ONLY can be used and must be completely removed after use. Orangevale Recreation & Park District will supply tape to all renters.

Decorations may be required to pass Fire Marshall approval. Decorations or any type of wire or cord may not be hung, tied, or draped on any light fixture inside or outside the facility. All decorations must be taken down and removed from the facility immediately after an event.

Candles must be battery operated. Food warming burners must be approved by District staff. Rice, birdseed, confetti, and glitter are not permitted in or outside District facilities. Renters will forfeit security/cleaning deposit with the use of any of these items.

Organic Waste Policy

Orangevale Recreation & Park District is required to separate all waste into separate bins for trash, recycling, and organics. Organic waste includes food and food-soiled paper products (paper towels, napkins, paper plates, etc). NO plastic, plastic-coated paper items, or Styrofoam.

The District will provide renters with the three bins required. Renters are responsible for ensuring their guests separate waste properly. If a renter or guest is unsure whether an item is trash or organics, please place it in the trash bin.

IF ANY TRASH IS FOUND IN THE ORGANICS BIN, A $155.00 FINE WILL BE WITHHELD FROM THE RENTER’S DEPOSIT REFUND. The District faces these fines from the County of Sacramento if waste separation is not done properly. For any further clarification on this policy, contact the District Office.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol may be consumed without an ABC permit when there is no monetary exchange for the beverage or when there is no admission charged for the event.

Events involving exchange of monetary consideration (i.e., purchase of a meal ticket with any form of alcohol being served as part of the meal) requires a license from the State of California, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). ABC will issue one-day permits to non-profit groups who wish to sell beer, wine, or distilled spirits at fundraisers. ABC will not issue permits to private citizens or groups. The Community Center Host is required to check the license prior to allowing alcohol to be served. The license must be posted throughout the event. Security will be required and arranged by Orangevale Recreation & Park District for any event involving alcohol. Consuming alcohol past your scheduled time as stated in your contract will result in overtime charges paid for the security guards at 1.5 times normal rate.

Every person/group that sells or serves alcohol should be aware of the following:

  • Section 25658, Business and Professions Code: Every person who furnishes, gives, or causes to be sold, furnished, or given away, any alcoholic beverage to any person under the age of 21, is guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • Section 235603, Business and Professions Code: Every person who sells, furnishes, gives or causes to be sold, furnished, or given away, any alcoholic beverage to any habitual or common drunkard or to an obviously intoxicated person is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Clean Up

The renting party is responsible for the following cleaning duties:

  • All tables/chairs must be completely cleared and wiped down.
  • All trash must be placed in receptacles provided and removed to the dumpsters at event’s end.
  • All decorations must be taken down and removed (this includes tape).
  • Kitchen must be thoroughly cleaned. This includes work areas, oven, stove, warmers, refrigerators, sinks, floors, etc.

Other than the kitchen, sweeping and mopping floors is not required. Permittee, or his caterer, is responsible for restoring kitchen to its original clean condition. Orangevale Recreation & Park District will furnish all cleaning supplies. If clean-up is not completed in a satisfactory manner, the deposit, or a portion thereof, will be retained by the Orangevale Recreation & Park District to cover the cost of said clean up. The actual rental time must include all time necessary for decoration and clean up. This also includes delivery/removal of rented tables/chairs, miscellaneous equipment, etc.

Required Permits

The renting party is responsible for securing all required permits and shall present evidence of such permits to the Community Center prior to the rental date.

  • Liquor License: Required when alcoholic beverages are sold to the public.
  • Sales Permit: Required when a commodity is sold to the public.
  • Health Permit: Required when event is longer than one day, when food/beverages are sold.
  • Solicitation Permit: Required when non-profit organizations solicit funds.

Policies and Procedures

  1. Orangevale Recreation & Park District reserves the right to refuse permits for special uses of its facilities.
  2. For unavoidable emergencies, it may be necessary to reschedule, relocate, or deny a request previously approved within a facility/park due to scheduling conflicts. In this event, the group or individual will be given advance notice from the District.
  3. User groups may be asked to leave the building at the time approved on the permit, whether or not the building has been properly cleaned. This could result in additional fees, a full or partial forfeiture of the cleaning/security deposit. If approved, overtime hours will be billed at a rate of 1.5 times the regular rental rate.
  4. Permits cannot be transferred, assigned, or sublet. Under no conditions shall permittee sublease, sublet, or allow any organization or individual to use the facility during the time for which they have contracted.
  5. It is the responsibility of the user to adhere to occupancy regulations. The Sacramento Metro Fire District has the absolute right to terminate an activity if a group exceeds the maximum occupancy limit.
  6. Users are not to block door exits, gates, or driveways to permit access for emergency vehicles. NO PARKING IN FIRE LANES.
  7. The individual or group using a facility must assume the responsibility for the conduct of their guests.
  8. Damage to facility shall be the responsibility of the renter. If damage exceeds the deposit amount, the renter will be billed for all costs of repair, both actual and incidental.
  9. Other areas of the facility site (including parking lots) may be in use before, during, and after your event. Parking is NOT guaranteed.
  10. Theatrical smoke may not be used indoors. Outdoor use subject to prior approval.
  11. Smoking is not permitted inside District facilities.
  12. BBQ’s and portable gas cooking units may only be used with special permission and are restricted to certain areas outside of the facility.
  13. Fights, vandalism, or unacceptable behavior, as determined by District Staff, uniformed security, County Rangers, or Sheriffs, occurring during rental shall cause immediate cancellation of the rental and no refund of fees.
  14. Events must not end later than 11pm (10pm for youth-oriented events). Renters must be off premises by 12am. The responsible party (renter) MUST obtain permission from the host for event to continue after scheduled ending time. Time and a half rates will be charged for any overtime.
  15. Rental permits for groups composed of persons under the age of 21 will be issued on to adults who accept supervisory responsibility throughout the periods covered by the rental agreement. Orangevale Recreation & Park District will require adult chaperones at the ratio of one chaperone for every 15 youth attending.
  16. Orangevale Recreation & Park District is not responsible for any damage or theft of any item of the permittees. (This including items left by permittee or caterer).
  17. All outside music shall cease at 10pm.
  18. Sitting or standing on tables or standing on chairs is not permitted and could result in serious injuries.
  19. Orangevale Recreation & Park District reserves the right to schedule additional events before and/or after your confirmed rental time.
  20. Security may be required for certain types of events in District facilities. All events involving alcohol must have security. The District will make security arrangements and collect fees from the renter prior to the event.
  21. Applicants may use the refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, microwave, warming oven, and icemaker. The applicant must provide all kitchen supplies, utensils, and equipment. Food preparation is not available. It is recommended that the kitchen be used for food warming, storing, and serving. No cooking of products that produce grease laden vapors is allowed on the stove cook top.
  22. Alcohol will only be allowed in the reserved building areas (i.e., Auditorium, Meeting Room, etc.) Alcohol is NOT allowed in entrance/exit corridors, lobby, hallway, or outside, etc.

Renters are responsible for ensuring their guests separate waste into the bins provided for trash, recycling, and organics in order to avoid contamination fees. See “Organic Waste Policy” for details.