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Grange Hall Karate ⭒

Ages: 6+

Location: OV Grange Hall; 5807 Walnut ave.

Instructor: Sensei Adriaan Van Vuuren

This Japanese style of karate provides students a healthy balance between physical exercise and mental discipline. The results are improved coordination, focus and self confidence. This class accommodates all student levels from beginner to black belt. Each new student will be supplied a Gi to wear in class. This class accommodates student levels from beginner to black belt.

 *New student and family special discounts available by calling our distrct office at 916-988-4373

Brown/Black 4:15-5:15pm | Beginner-Red 5:30-6:15pm

Registration begins 4/20 at the OVparks Summer Open House!

Online registration opens 4/24