New! Drop Shot Pickleball Camp

National Academy of Athletics Summer Camps are packed with fun. Whether your child has never played the sport before or are more advanced, the drills taught at these camps will help them fall in love with the game. Our camps are a perfect place for kids to be introduced to the world of sports, teamwork, athletics and learn about fitness and sports while having a blast and making new friends. All equipment will be provided. All enrollees will receive at t-shirt at the end of each camp. Please bring a snack, water bottle, and wear appropriate attire.

The world’s fastest-growing sport is now a camp your kids will love. Pickleball has been described as a combination of tennis, badminton & ping pong. The game is easy to learn and tons of fun.
Pickleball helps kids learn hand-eye coordination, agility & balance, and provides social interaction in a team setting. Kids are having so much fun they do not realize the cardiovascular benefits
they are receiving, which can improve mood and mental wellness. Each day campers are taught the fundamentals of serving and receiving the ball, volleying, dinking, positioning, and scoring.


Pecan Park
5945 Pecan Avenue


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